All there is to know about submitting artwork

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Learn how to properly set up your sticker or poster file

File types

All files must be Photoshop (.psd, .pdf, .eps), Illustrator (.ai, .pdf,. eps) at 300 DPI, or vector Illustrator files (.ai). For more info click here >>

Art Deadline

Artwork is due one month before event date. 

Color Requirements

To ensure quick turn-around, color count should be kept at or below 6 colors. Artwork exceeding 6 colors may be printed with process colors. For more info click here >>

PMS Colors

Please call out all PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers. If PMS colors are not called out, InHouse reserves the right to choose for you. Colors may vary from the original file.  


Trapping is an overlap of colors to whatever degree is tolerable. It ensures registration is maintained and the color of the material does not show between inks that are suppose to meet. For more info click here >>


Variants must have no more than one color change. Please include a high-res JPEG on the Artist Variant spec sheet that indicates which color will be changed.


Please provide break-down quantities if prints will be hand-numbered. Example: #1-50 Artist, #51-100 Band, #101-200 Tour, etc.

Paper Materials

InHouse stocks a standard 100# Matte White/Natural paper. If you are requesting a specialty paper, please provide us with a secondary option. This allows us to keep production running smoothly in case paper is not available. 


If printing on foils, please include the first and second foil choice. If both options are unavailable, we will use our standard rainbow foil. Please indicate which color, if any, will be dropped for foil prints, or which one color should become transparent. Please include high-res JPEGs on Tour/Artist Foil spec sheets.