If your image is not white on all four sides, you must include an 1/8" bleed on all sides. For example, if your poster is – 18" x 24", your canvas size needs to be 18.25" x 24.25" (or .125" extra on all sides). 1/8" will be cut offduring trimming, leaving you with a 18" x 24" poster.



All type, graphics, logos, important details, etc. should be 1/8" (.125") away from the cut line — within the safety area. The cut line can shift up to 3/32" during cutting. Leaving a safety area will ensure that the blades do not cut into your artwork. If you have a white border around your poster it must be at least .125” thick on all sizes. If you have a colored border around your poster it must be .25” thick on all sides so it can cover the entire bleed and safety area.


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